We ♥ Teacher Appreciation Week!

April 30, 2021

As first responder-educators to all the students living through the year that the pandemic knocked over, we cannot possibly know what kind of a year you have all gone through. What we do know for certain is that we are hugely humbled by your unwavering commitment to your work, grateful for your steadfastness in the face of all the challenges school communities have faced since March 2020.

While we have always acknowledged that becoming and being an educator is not for the faint of heart, we want to take this opportunity to honor all the educators out there.

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we have teamed up with the wonderful facilitators at Mindful Toolbox to offer educators a combination of live and recorded offerings of mindful practices, meditations, and thoughtful content. Their mission is to provide you with daily strategies to renew and recharge. We hope you join Mindful Toolbox for a connected moment each day as you navigate the transitions of teaching in this moment. 

You will find the schedule and links to access below:

Teacher Appreciation Week Schedule

*All participants will have FREE access to register for a follow-up workshop on Stress Management for Educators.


Website: Mindfultoolbox.org

Instagram: @mindfultoolbox

Facebook: Mindful Toolbox

Here’s to you! We honor your perseverance, professionalism, and love of your craft and students.


The Andrew Nikou Foundation