A mission driven by values

Andrew Nikou Foundation is committed to embodying the values of humanity, connection, collaboration, and scalability. We drive action – even if it’s uncomfortable – as we strive to be agile, fast-moving, and bold.

Our approach combines rigorous research and expert guidance, deeply engaging with the individuals and communities we aim to empower, and leveraging the impact of sustained behavioral change. Through strategic investments and partnerships, we work side by side with people who are driving visionary solutions that make the difference.

Explore Our Values


This is about caring – and people who care. We believe caring about humanity, kindness, and empathy matter the most. The core of our work is the heartfelt desire to help more people live meaningful, fulfilled lives however they choose.


We believe that healthy human relationships are the foundation to solving big problems; therefore, we strive to foster connection through all our work to ensure that we and our partners reach their highest potential.


Other people know things and we will always listen. ANF is committed to change through collaboration, which means listening, learning, and partnering. At ANF, we strive to foster partnerships where together we put forward new ideas and turn data into action.


We are looking for big ideas that have big results and we’re committed to driving real solutions that can reach every person who needs it. Good ideas are scalable by nature so let’s help as many people as we can.

Meet the Founder

Andrew Nikou is a seasoned entrepreneur who believes in the importance of getting involved to tackle some of our world’s biggest problems. As Founder, Managing Partner, and CEO, Andrew has spent 15 years expanding OpenGate Capital, a global private equity firm based in Paris and Los Angeles, focused on acquiring business divisions from larger, multinational corporations around the world which require human capital and operational transformations in order to reach their full potential. Andrew guides OpenGate Capital with a disciplined investment strategy focused on acquiring underperforming or non-core businesses that are most often divisions of Fortune 1000 companies, infusing them with the human and financial capital needed to rejuvenate the business, and improve their overall performance and value.

Committed to community and philanthropy, Andrew founded the Andrew Nikou Foundation (ANF), a resource for big ideas to improve the lives of people who are disconnected, oppressed, and left-behind. Through strategic investments and partnerships, ANF works side by side with people who are driving solutions to make a difference. Andrew’s goal is to empower young people to fulfill their untapped potential even when systems are working against them.

Andrew’s philanthropic and social impact work is rooted in his personal experience of being severely bullied for being shorter than most children. Despite the difficulties of being different from others around him, Andrew credits his parents for encouraging him to pursue his ambitions of becoming a successful entrepreneur and an advocate working to make our world a better place.

Andrew holds a seat on the Board of Overseers at The Hammer Museum Los Angeles. His father’s mantra “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” continues to inspire him today.