Inclusion Media Hub Launches as Companies Begin to Return to In-Person Workplaces

November 3, 2021, backed by the Andrew Nikou Foundation, provides science-backed tips to break down barriers to inclusion in the workplace.

LOS ANGELES – Today, the Andrew Nikou Foundation launched, an innovative media hub dedicated to helping users practice deep inclusion in their daily lives, starting with their colleagues and teams at work. After 17 months of work from home for many Americans, and in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and a racial reckoning for many, the content aims to unpack ways to develop inclusion in workspaces, enhance relationships, and increase awareness of knowledge gaps in the process. The website features tips and articles backed by research-based resources and advised by experts to support companies looking to develop more inclusive behaviors as many return to in-person work or adjust to working remotely.

“People are looking for human connection now more than ever, giving us an opportunity to create a new normal that is more inclusive. We realized that people are hungry for information to learn how to do better and are willing to put in the work to become better allies, but they need a place with feasible steps and expert guidance,” said Jules Ho, executive director of the Andrew Nikou Foundation. “The goal is to give eager learners access to science-backed information and tips that could be easily applied to their own lives, starting with the workplace, regardless of where they show up for work.” dives into pressing topics with articles focused on use of inclusive language, bias, psychological safety, workplace design, and more. Experts in the field also join the conversation as guest contributors to share their own hacks to deep inclusion, which aims to transform the way we live by dismantling systemic barriers with behavior changes that address the power structures at play.

The website will also feature an official podcast, IncludrPod, with celebrity host Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. Guests from entertainment, sports, and business industries will have open conversations with Chapman about the systems of exclusion at play as experts share scientific insights that inform our learning to practice inclusion, unity, and kindness in everyday life. The podcast is expected to be released this fall. For more information and tips to practice deep inclusion visit


A media hub of shared articles, research, and a podcast, focuses on fostering social inclusion. Learn to see the power structures that guide our behavior and that of the people we work with through evidence-based tools, approachable, and relatable tools.

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