IncludrPod, A New Podcast to Hack Your Way to Inclusion

November 3, 2021

The podcast is the latest addition to the media hub, hosted by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and backed by the Andrew Nikou Foundation.

LOS ANGELES — Today the Andrew Nikou Foundation launched IncludrPod, a podcast that provides listeners with tangible tips towards practicing deep inclusion. As divides persist within society, IncludrPod seeks to provide listeners with ways to cultivate empathy for others while confronting the human truths of acknowledging bias and blind spots in order to make inclusion an everyday practice.

Host Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, actor known for RuPaul’s Drag Race and Disney+’s Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., brings listeners along for intimate conversations with experts, academics, and authors such as David Eagleman, Celeste Headlee, and Dr. James Doty M.D. to unpack how bias is formed, how to build places of belonging, the impact of words, and the importance of psychological safety. Each episode weaves together personal stories from public figures, thoughts from listeners, and research from experts to reveal actionable insights anyone can take away to put deep inclusion into practice.

“As a society, we’re confronted with so much focus on what divides us that inclusion can seem out of reach. Many of us are willing to do better, but are unsure of tangible ways to actively practice deep inclusion. IncludrPod is the latest resource from for those ready to do the work on the ever-evolving journey required to be truly inclusive,” said Jules Ho, Executive Director of the Andrew Nikou Foundation.

The first episode of IncludrPod is now available on Spotify, Apple, and all other podcast platforms. Listeners can subscribe to hear a new episode every other Wednesday. For more information, transcripts, and show notes for each episode, visit

“The reality is we all have our in-groups and our biases, which means it’s our collective responsibility to make an effort to do better. IncludrPod is the safe space we all need to have honest conversations so that we can learn together and move forward being kinder and more inclusive in our workplaces and everyday lives,” said Bowyer-Chapman.

The podcast is an extension of, a media hub launched in August focused on fostering social inclusion and responding to the inequity and isolation caused by the ongoing pandemic. The website provides evidence-backed hacks and actionable tools and has since received over 86,000 average monthly visitors.


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