Collaboration to Deliver Personalized, Interactive, Economic, and Behavioral Lessons to Youth Worldwide

October 21, 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 21, 2019 – MobLab Inc. (“MobLab”), a provider of interactive economics and behavioral games that help students learn and personalize their education decisions, announced today that the Andrew Nikou Foundation (“ANF”) of entrepreneur Andrew Nikou, is partnering with and investing in MobLab. The new partnership and investment will expand MobLab’s platform to provide more students with access to an educational experience that works for their learning style and needs. This investment mirrors the impact and mission of ANF that values humanity and scalability.

“I’m inspired by scalable ideas that help people maximize their full potential, which is why I’m investing in MobLab,” shared Andrew Nikou, ANF Founder. “With MobLab technology available to more people, we can envision helping a broad range of people, such as students in underserved communities who can get experience in what it’s like to run a small business, or bringing to life economic concepts for young people who dream of serving their communities with that knowledge.”

“We really look forward to working with Andrew and his team in using education as a powerful way to bridge academic gaps—and eventually—inequality gaps,” said Walter Yuan, Founder and CEO of MobLab. “With the support of the Andrew Nikou Foundation, the team is now equipped to expand our portfolio of interactive behavioral and economic games as a direct-to-consumer product to improve economic understanding and financial literacy for young children worldwide.”