Andrew Nikou, ANF, supports Pharrell Williams’ new social venture YELLOW as one of judges for its inaugural initiative

September 16, 2020

ANF Founder Andrew Nikou is proud to support Pharrell Williams’ new social venture YELLOW as one of three judges for its inaugural initiative, the Summer of Innovation.

The Summer of Innovation is about encouraging kids to explore their interests with an entrepreneurial mindset and to make a positive difference in their communities, while competing for prize packages that include the support to actually bring their ideas to life.

Whether it is with a new business idea, art or music project, a unique invention, or a helpful service, this campaign is focused on challenging kids to find problems that matter, and then to solve them. YELLOW’s mission is to educate all forms of learners by embracing and building upon their diverse strengths, encouraging innovation, and empowering them with the skills to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Andrew joins Virginia Beach native, multi-Grammy Award-Winning producer and philanthropist Pharrell in serving and improving the lives of those disconnected and left-behind through innovative and bold (re)thinking of how we deliver education to our youth.

“Every child has a creative talent for problem solving. I’m honored to be one of YELLOW’s Summer of Innovation judges and can’t wait to see all of the ideas kids come up with!”

To register for summer of innovation, visit Remember, the deadline to submit your pitch is August 14th.

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