Andrew Nikou Foundation is committed to embodying the values of humanity, connection, collaboration, and scalability. We drive action – even if it’s uncomfortable – as we strive to be agile, fast-moving, and bold.


This is about caring – and people who care. We believe caring about humanity, kindness, and empathy matter the most. The core of our work is the heartfelt desire to help more people live meaningful, fulfilled lives however they choose.


We believe that healthy human relationships are the foundation to solving big problems; therefore, we strive to foster connection through all our work to ensure that we and our partners reach their highest potential.


Other people know things and we will always listen. ANF is committed to change through collaboration, which means listening, learning, and partnering. At ANF, we strive to foster partnerships where together we put forward new ideas and turn data into action.


We are looking for big ideas that have big results and we’re committed to driving real solutions that can reach every person who needs it. Good ideas are scalable by nature so let’s help as many people as we can.